Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FO, FO, FO, FO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ruffled Surplice from IK is done. (Photos added Saturday, April 21. Blogger is finally working again!)

This is actually an historic FO, (my computer keeps trying to turn FO into OF!) because not only did I finish something, but I finished it while the magazine publishing the pattern was still on the newsstands. I am a process knitter and work in slow mode. This is a new record for me. Hey, they could use me for a Comcast Slowski commercial.

Here is my review of the Ruffled Surplice

Title: Ruffled Surplice

Pattern: Interweave Knits, Spring 2007, pages 90 to 94

Designer: Mari Lynn Patrick

Yarn: Southwick Valley Yarns (from Webs booth at Stitches West) 52% Pima Cotton, 48% Bamboo (9 balls used—approximately 945 yards)

Color: 12 (medium pink) Lot 8161

Gauge: 4.5 stitches to the inch

Needles: US #5 Knitpicks Options Needles with 40” cord.

Size: Estimated 1 size smaller than smallest women’s size in pattern

1. Body sewn together and sleeves knit from armholes down. This require insertion of a gusset under the arms. Sleeves knit longer than pattern provided for at E’s request.
2. Sleeves altered so that instead of a horizontal band of stitching between bottom of sleeve and ruffle, non-textured stitch used like ribbing.
3. Increases for ruffles done by knit in front and back of stitch instead of yarn overs.
4. Tie on left side originates at left side seam instead (less to knit and I think it gives a neater appearance to the already fitted sweater. A long, heavy tie would tend to sag). Consequently, no belt loop necessary.

Blocking: Minimal steam blocking of side seams when body was sewn together.

What I liked: This was a relatively quick item to knit (still took me 2 months). The textured stitch was interesting in the bamboo cotton blend yarn. I like the fitted appearance and the integrated border.

What I didn’t like: The pattern was difficult to follow without writing out the rows because of increasing and decreasing on both sides at the same time to do the neck and shoulder shapings. Difficult to secure the slippery yarn.

Overall Impression: A nice knitting experience and a beautiful result.

Would I knit this again? Perhaps. I wouldn’t rule it out.

And, (drumroll, please), E LIKES the sweater and even told me “thank you” for knitting it. That’s a lot coming from a 14 year old! I even have a picture of her in it, SMILING (a teenager, smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but as I am not allowed to post a picture showing her face you'll have to trust me and use your imagnination.


AlisonH said...

That's cool! And I love turtles, so the turtle picture was a bonus oh cool! for me.

Iris G said...

That is a beautiful cardigan, and thank you for sharing ;-)

C. L. Ray said...

I just saw your comment about Sukiran Elementary School on Joan and Jacks blog from 2010. It appears after the comment that I had left there. Anyway, I would love to learn more about what you remember from 1965-1969. My email is